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Only registered users will be allowed online access to the document indexes and images. Registered users will be charged a one-time sign-up fee of $200.00. Users are provided with unlimited access for a monthly fee of $65.00. Additional users/employees within that company are charged a $10 monthly fee. There is no limit to the number of index records or image documents that may be displayed or printed.

You can submit a request to become a user of the County Clerk's Office (CCO) CCLIX© and CCLIX-OptIMA© database by printing, filling in and submitting this form with your payment to the address listed. The application requires that you choose a username for yourself (such as your last name, or firm/company name) and a private password. Together these will be your "key" into the CCO web site once assigned. This information will be kept in a registration database that is accessible only to the web site administrator and not to ordinary users. Accounts are monitored periodically to verify that the number of authorized users has not been exceeded.

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